Definitely curious about 14.

Hah, should have known you’d go for this. I’m sure your answer is probably “crazier” than mine but such is life right?

I don’t know if I “did” this as much as I was a part of it: when I was five I visited my cousins who live in South Africa and our families took a vacation to Cape Town. We rented a big van and hitched a trailer to the back because none of us know how to pack lightly. On the way back to Johannesburg we had to go over the Black Mountains — the road was washed out from a storm meaning there was no guard rail, it was not really wide enough for two cars, and my dad was driving (on the opposite side of the road he was used to driving on). There were a few close calls with other cars coming in the opposite direction, and apparently we almost died? Cray right? 


Go for it...

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