As a follow up to the previous post about last night’s festivities, I’d like to take a moment to wax poetic about my love for sparkles. Are they in the same vein of classic fashion which I generally post about? No. But do I love them anyways? Yes.

Whether worn as a mere accent on a top or sweater or as an entire skirt (I may or may not own two sequined skirts which I impulsively purchased my senior year of high school…) there’s something distinctly fun about donning sparkles for a day. They’re mighty annoying to have to keep smoothing down if the entire garment is composed of them…but I would argue that such an inconvenience, much like teetering stilettos or heavy earrings, tends to be worth enduring for appearance’s sake. Call me crazy or call me tacky, I however know I am neither and will continue to sparkle when appropriate. My name can, after all, be abbreviated to C. Quinn.

See what I did there?

photo via The Man Repeller


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