Truth be told I take them for granted when I’m not home, and I have a tendency to forget that going over one is not a part of everyone’s home life. IIt makes me nervous trying to think of how engineers plan them. I prefer not to think of how they’re staying put in the water. How do they make the pieces of metal grow to be that big? In what factory does one find the parts to make two miles? Maybe that’s how you know you’re something important — when people stop thinking about you because they use you so often. We marvel at computer chips because they’re so small…but sometimes I prefer to be amazed at something so not small.

People are bridges too— they connect you to something solid, sometimes you have to pay a toll to use them, and at the end of the day they’re still going to be there, whether you have to go over them or not. They don’t let go easily, you have to blow something up to destroy them. You want them to be safe. You want them to be beautiful. You want to know that you can rely on them and that they’ll be consistent. They become familiar when you’re used to them. Sometimes they’re scary, especially when they’re too old or too new. Some are famous. Others aren’t. But all are useful in their particular way. I have my favorites, and you probably do too. 


Go for it...

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