The part of my posting where I rant about why I love my outfit. Basically the dress just deserved some credit before I changed out of it. This is a J. Crew dress from last summer (when the company was going through that phase, you know the one) that alludes to a romper without actually being one. Yeah, it’s a bubble skirt. Yeah, that sometimes isn’t the most flattering style on anyone depending on the angle. You simply have to have good posture when you wear it, and pair it with heels fairly often. Also, the straps are cute: they have gold buckles on the back, kind of look like bra straps — under normal circumstances I would NOT approve of that, but with this dress it works and (dare I say it?) looks good. Extras? It has pockets, and is made of chambray. Magnifique.

Side note: I have no idea how people take GPOYs of themselves with their faces in it. It just feels awkward. Do I smile? Make a silly face? A token kissy face perhaps? Decided against all three and went for a mannequin look. Don’t like it? Desperate to see what I actually look like? (Jokes, right?) Here.


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