Ode to My Silver Sperrys

because I wore them to work today and they deserve some credit. These shoes were an impulse purchase, to say the least. I think when I found them (on sale!) at Nordstroms and coaxed Mommy into buying them for me, she probably thought I would wear them once or twice, at best. Wrong. Although I don’t wear them as much in the summer, in the spring, winter, and fall I wear them frequently.

  • I love that they’re a glamorous neutral. The silver goes with almost anything, but at the same time it has its own degree of special sparkle…literally.
  • They’re unbelievably comfortable. Arch support, shock-absorbent rubber heel, the works.
  • They’re paradoxically subtle. If you wear them with pants you can barely tell that they’re heels, yet with a dress they instantly make the outfit a bit dressier.
  • I’ve never seen anyone else with them. Hence why they were on sale – clearly no one appreciated how wonderful these unique shoes would be once initiated into a wardrobe.
  • I got them a few years ago…aka before the metallic Sperry fad hit. (Sorry to be that girl who rings her own bell about wearing a style first..)
  • My boss complimented me on them today. It’s whatever.

Sorry for ranting, just thought they deserved some love.


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