Specific Feeling: equality.

One hundred years after the declaration that all men are created equal, there began to gather in Newport a colony of the rich, determined to show that some Americans were conspicuously more equal than others.

Alistair Cooke (it’s okay, I looked him up too)

No paradox more beautiful, in my opinion. We love to prove equality for the sake of differentiation, as though being deemed an equal solidifies the bond between two or a few and puts some nice engaging distance between all others. Today at work there were two girls frolicking around on the Lawn in matching pinnies, clearly fresh from a camp or workshop of some sort, taking silly jumping shots on their camera. I felt truly unequal in maturity (obviously I’d take said jumping shots in a less public environment…) but in another way I felt very equal in my appreciation for their bright red lax-wear.
In my opinion, every should have equal rights, but no one should be perfectly equal to anyone else in any other way. Because then we’d all be squares. See what I did there?

Go for it...

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