felix felicis! lucky thing other than working with such amazing people on The Heights obvss <3

The luckiest thing that’s happened to me? Probably getting perpetually waitlisted by Georgetown, as awful as that sounds! I really wanted to go to either BC or Georgetown — I didn’t have much of a preference because in my mind they had all the same pros and cons except Georgetown was in closer proximity to its respective “city” while BC was a bit closer to home.

I got into BC early and my early application to Gtown was waitlisted. While waiting for April’s final decision to roll around, I started learning more about BC’s business school and found that it was much better rated than Georgetown’s (especially for Marketing — one of my majors). Once they waitlisted me again, I made my decision happily, but if they hadn’t, I might have gone there.

In retrospect, had I not gone to BC I wouldn’t have the amazing people I’m friends with, I wouldn’t have met my boyfriend, and I would have missed out on basically every positive experience I’ve had since then. I would have missed the northeast. Plus, I want to live in D.C. later in life, I’m glad I’m experiencing a different city now. =)


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