Fun Fact: Local police blotters can be fantastically interesting.

I think I first learned this when it was my job to update the website for the newspaper at BC. As part of my duties I’d have to insert the most recent police blotter each issue, and then decide which stories to highlight in the teaser on the homepage. There’s something deliciously interesting about keeping abreast of local misbehavior, and I’d take a small amount of pleasure in appraising whether options like a “small fire which BCPD confirmed was started by a hairdryer” was more or less compelling than a “suspicious individual apprehended near Conte Forum”. The police blotter at school doesn’t name names, which made it even more entertaining when I could identify friends or infamous characters on campus by the few lines detailing their deviance.

In the spirit of being home for the summer, I’d offer the suggestion to tune in to your local police blotter at home. Perhaps it’s only interesting to me because I live in a community where everyone seems to know or have heard of everyone else, but you never know who you’re going to see in there! 

Disclaimer: I’m not endorsing the idea of taking a huge amount of pleasure in other’s misfortune. That wouldn’t be nice. I am endorsing being informed about the goings on around you…and if in the process you occasionally are a teensy bit more enthused by certain entries, well, you’re only human.


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