Love Lyrics by Johnny M?


Most people think think of unconditional love to mean “I couldn’t love you any less, no matter what.” But what I think unconditional love means is “I couldn’t love you any more no matter what.” Either way, it sounds neat.

I think, if possible, that there are two sides to the unconditional love coin. In one way it’s like those zip ties you use to tie together tents. Once you click them to a certain point, you can’t un-click them looser. That accounts for the “I couldn’t love you any less” part. Then there’s the “I couldn’t love you any more” part. It’s like your feelings for the person fill up your entire self and every bit of you is just glowing and radiating that feeling.

What I really think it means is that your love is willing to defy limits. You think you couldn’t love someone any less no matter what, then life deals you that shocking moment testing the claim. Once you get past a horrible event and find that your love is intact, you’ve withstood the test of “less”. Then there are those unexpected moments which prove that you love the person more than you ever thought possible. You had a limit, and you’ve gone beyond it. Doing the impossible, casually.

Just when I thought you were off the blogging map, you come right back buddy. And made me think to boot. Touché.

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