Quotable: Chris Morris’s Nine Tips on Surviving the Business World

Chris Morris, a speaker I just listened to in my New Media Industries class, is a freelance journalist specializing in technology. He offered the class these nine tips for succeeding in business.

  1. Be nimble. Speed counts more than ever.
  2. Be sincere. People will bury you if you don’t treat them nicely.
  3. Be flexible. Staying on top of tends = job security.
  4. Be curious. With a 24 hour job you never know what you’ll end up covering.
  5. Be multifaceted. Expertise in one field is essential, but diversify.
  6. Be open to change. Risks yield rewards.
  7. Be persistent. Don’t let things fall between the cracks.
  8. Be polite. Make people want to work with you.
  9. Be wary. There are no shortcuts, and everyone is replaceable.

I love when this class has guest speakers…definitely worth the late time and 2.5 hour length.


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