Hi! Its Jake, I am answering your reader survey cuz I dont wanna do my homework. I go to Tufts and I am from a warm sleepy town in southern Mass- the kind of place where stores close down by five and drive throughs are a foreign concept. As for things I adore: I love history- when you get into it the circular nature of human history reveals itself and can really surprise you. I also adore freckles, fast boats, and brutally cold sunny days- the ones when you go skiing and it is absolutely FREEZING but you don’t care because the sun is shining and you can see for miles and everything you can see just looks so tremendously sharp because the air is so thin. I dont know if I have a style icon- maybe if Chuck Bass was more of a man. Personality icon is easily C.S. Lewis. Lastly, found this from a friends blog. Keep up the bloggin, I love it and find it a welcome distraction from boring lectures.

Silly Jake, I know who you are =)

You’re right about where you’re from, that’s exactly what it’s like. I wish I knew how to sail fast boats like you do, and know exactly what you’re talking about with the cold sunny skiing days: this picture (click it!) was one of those days.

I’m obsessed with Chuck Bass, fun fact. I also wish I had read more of C.S. Lewis because of how much a certain teacher of ours talked about him. Also, I guarantee I know whose blog you found mine from! Miss youu.


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