Crowd Fave: Jazz Holidays

I suppose if you’ve never heard of Pandora Radio, that’s its own Crowd Fave…

(Summary: free, online radio stations customized by hundreds of unique song qualities like the individual units of DNA that make up a human genome. Create a station based on a song, artist, or genre and rate suggestions of music you’d like based on your root song’s qualities. In essence, musical excellence.)

…but my current obsession which gets renewed at this time every year is the Pandora “Jazz Holidays” station.

I’m a huge fan of jazz anyways so what better way to get in the spirit and fill my mind with dancing visions of sugar plums than to hear my favorite Christmas songs than in improvised classical form? Makes for perfect background music when studying for finals, and it’s filled with covers and collaboration, always appreciated. Also, the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack is well represented, always a reason to tune in to a station. Gets you right into the holiday spirit while allowing you to truck away at the term paper or mounds of studying that inevitably fill the future. Best of all, you can enjoy it stress-free once your finals have subsided!

Go for it...

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