Crowd Fave: Finding Out Someone Is Engaged

You know that feeling where you come across someone in your daily existence and you appreciate them but somewhere, deep down, in a place you can’t quite describe, you feel a little bit bad for them? This is the solution to that feeling.


The person in question is around, perhaps teaching, riding the T, coexisting and then they drop the crucial detail that makes all the difference, “My fiancé…” Bingo, home run, my enthusiasm level for you just skyrocketed about 1000 points. There’s nothing like the sigh of relief you will breathe knowing that this person (whose fate perhaps you were the teensiest bit concerned about…) has found the joy of loving and being loved in return. You can then proceed to enter the conversation with confidence that no matter what kind of curveball comment gets made, the Save the Date cards set to be mailed out, engraved with their name alongside that of their betrothed, will be that self-consciousness security blanket to that person. Hooray future husband or wife to be! Glad to see that someone liked it and subsequently put a ring on it.

Go for it...

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