Perplexing: What Happened To Cow Coins???

To be stereotypically Rhode Island mean to have sipped the liquid gold that is an “awful big, awful good” Awful Awful. My preference is Oreo. To expound, Newport Creamery is a chain of restaurants located mainly in Rhode Island, but also in some obscure Massachusetts destinations. It specializes in a very thick milkshake that goes by the name Awful Awful, among other ice cream treats and typical diner-style fare. My point here is not about the milkshakes or the menu. It’s about a piece of my childhood that seems to be missing…(sounds angsty, I realize)…the Cow Coin.

The sad part is I don’t quite remember what they even did, I just know these were a huge deal, and it was important to acquire them. I think they gave you something like a free sundae with a meal. I assume they no longer exist because the chain isn’t as prosperous as it once was. But why don’t other restaurants do things like this anymore either? Customized currency? Can it get any more legit? Probably not.

Go for it...

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