Crowd Fave: The Girly Temple

Hate all you want, but I have recently renewed my membership to the fan club of the drink that delights kid’s menu candidates everywhere. Do I like soda? Not really. Hell no. Why the harsh response you may ask? I’m still bitter that Mummy felt I couldn’t handle the caffeine contained in Coke, and thus I was never allowed to drink it. Lame. (Although in her defense years later…I still really don’t take caffeine well. High energy levels  +  coffee = fidgeting / shaking, what’s good.) 

My point is, Shirley Temples are delicious. They are thirst quenching in a way I find a lot of sodas aren’t, and the fizziness of their sparkling rose complexion is practically undeniable. Additionally, cherries??! Just casually chilling at the bottom of your glass like the elusive toy in the cereal box sit these little gems, waiting to be devoured with joy. It’s like a princess costume in a glass; you just feel a little more adorable ordering and thereafter sipping on one.

That’s not to say they are a feminine beverage option. I have the utmost respect for any guy who can look a waiter or waitress dead in the eye and say, “Yeah, I’ll have a Shirley Temple…extra cherries.”

(As in, the next time this happens when I’m out to dine, I may offer to buy that person’s glass of grenadine-laced greatness myself. Just sayin’.)

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