Fun Fact: Ten Reasons Why I Love Lists

  1. They seem organized even if, in fact, they are not.
  2. They give what’s written a sense of purpose.
  3. They are an excellent way to compile thoughts in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. Numbers or bullets? Oh so pretty.
  4. They come with the bonus of completion if they’re of the to-do variety.
  5. They are something to take pride in if they’re lists of people/things/places/events you’ve done, seen, received, or heard.
  6. They are thrilling if they come in the form of lists to Santa or bridal registries.
  7. They give the impression that you know what you’re doing when perhaps you may be more out of place than white shoes after Labor Day…false confidence if you will.
  8. They are a universal concept. Albert Einstein, Barry Obama (yeah, we’re on nickname terms, it’s whatever…), and Justin Bieber? Great guys, definitely all list-makers.
  9. They’re exciting to read in a book or magazine. Something about a “Top-Ten” or “One Hundred Best” simply whets my reading appetite. Even if it’s an unnecessarily long twenty page spread, the security of knowing that the text will be broken up into conveniently numbered segments makes it all manageable.
  10.  They give me peace of mind when my thoughts are disorderly, racing, and just generally disagreeable little creatures.

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