Fun Fact: Hey Arnold seasons are on Netflix…

This was a very pleasant surprise to discover on Netflix Watch Instantly, because honestly this was possibly my favorite Nickelodeon show…besides Doug, obvs.

  • Sidebar: Actually, the two shows had quite a bit in common. Kind, very level-headed boy who dresses a little bit oddly (sweater vest Doug? flannel shirt/skirt Arnold?) who has the kind of cool-guy minority best friend (Skeeter! Gerald!)

Anyways, it’s been a joy being able to casually watch an episode or two and realize how damn good TV was back in 1996—I know right? It’s been over 10 years since this show was made?! Hello, time which flew whilst I was having fun…

What I’m realizing now though is:

  1. The characters on this show are absolutely hilarious, part of the reason it’s so entertaining. So much irony ALL the time. Eugene? Stoop Kid? Helga G. Patacki? Yes.
  2. It gave me extremely unrealistic impressions about the life led by the youth of New York City. They’re supposed to be in fourth grade…you definitely cannot roam around at that age nowadays. You’d be kidnapped, clearly.
  3. It had possibly the catchiest theme song ever. But perhaps I just say this because I’m a jazz enthusiast.
  4. I so identify with Arnold as an only child. Minus the high-tech loft and the crazy grandmother.

Regardless, I’m loving it, and anyone with even half a childhood and a Netflix account should get in on the experience.


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