Perplexing: Poker On TV

So after an excellent movie a few weeks ago Daddy was flipping channels only to come across this phenomenon. Let’s be real here…it gets broadcast on ESPN, someone should have addressed it’s validity as sports programming a while ago. The concept is weird; it raises many questions. 

How is it even a sport? Isn’t it just a game of chance? Can there really be championships or isnt it really just sort of random luck? Did you know they get rings for winning just like a Superbowl? What kinds of people competitively do this for a living…like play poker to be on TV? What demographic even tunes in to these shows regularly? Why does the crowd swarm the table for the last hand (to truly understand you’ll have to watch…start at around 1:13)? Who are the people in the audience —really avid poker fans who travel to these events or just random casino guests who get suckered into it? Why are all the people who play so reminiscent of Sims (the outfits…)? Why don’t they go by their REAL names like normal “athletes (for info in this check the video around 5:03)? What makes you a professional poker player as opposed to a really skilled regular poker player? Finally, really though?

Maybe I’m the only one this confuses…but I doubt it.


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