Turns out Pauly-D really IS from here…

Just when I thought I knew my own state, I did the unthinkable. Yup, I assumed that an 18+ club in Providence wouldn’t be a sketchy venue….wrong.

First of all the place was called Colosseum. Now, if I was smart I would have done a little background research, scoped it’s website, and realized that any place which claims this was going to be a real slice:

Where Gods and Goddesses Go To Party

Influenced by Providence being hailed as “The Renaissance City”, The Colosseum was created.  Ancient Roman and Greek Architecture and history were considered while creating this colossal structure that houses three diverse Night Clubs.

Roman architecture? Yeah, sure.

Some things to consider:

  1. The men were all at least 7 years older than the girls.
  2. There was a girl (definitely younger than me) dancing TOPLESS at one point. Horrifying. Why wasn’t she kicked out for indecent exposure?
  3. I don’t remember any of the music…which means it couldn’t have been good.
  4. The website URL name differs from the name that appears on the actual site…never a good sign.
  5. They tried to charge my friend $4 for water…after charging me $3 for cranberry & tonic?

Horrifying. Call me a hater for not appreciating the “atmosphere” (which evoked The Jersey Shore right down to the scantily clad heavy-set girls, the greasy guys recording girls dancing on their Blackberries, and the shots being sold in containers similar to the ones my college dining hall offers for condiments) but I would be interested to hear from anyone who has actually enjoyed their visit to “the newest hotspot around”! 

Go for it...

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